Principal’s Message


Falling behind will be a past
Knowing that confidence, resilience and
self-regulation will help you achieve your goal
Recovering well from failure is the
building block of your future
This is my dream for you.

Always happy to come to school
Knowing that learning is fun – yahoo!
Playing, singing, problem-solving and collaborating
is but a normal day in school
This is my dream for you.

In declaring God’s favour and goodness upon you,
I pray that you will find fruits in all our teachers’ labour
That we work in tandem, for the betterment of our
children’s lives not only for today but also for tomorrow
This is my dream for you.

To humble ourselves to care,
share and toil as one family
To extend of ourselves in faith
To abandon our fears to the Lord above
so that we can inspire others
This is my dream for you.

Hold these thoughts close to your heart
for I know you always strive for the best
Your actions do make a difference
Start today, the choice is yours.
Won’t you join me in faith?

Mrs Dianne Seet-Swee
Principal of the Ascension Kindergarten
ECDA Fellow


iTeach is a set of six teaching and learning principles to guide early childhood educators in planning, designing and facilitating learning experiences for children. ‘h’ stands for ‘holistic development’. Holistic development of children recognises that the areas of development and learning are interconnected. Every aspect of a child’s development should be recognised and valued in order to maximise the potential of the child. At Ascension Kindergarten, the team of dedicated educators help children to develop knowledge, skills and dispositions across the six learning areas – Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Discovery of the World, Language and Literacy, Motor Skills Development, Numeracy, and Social and Emotional Development. Watch the video for more information!

AK is proud to be part of the production by MOE Singapore, an advocate of the iTeach principles outlined in the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework.

The ECDA Fellows are a select group of exemplary early childhood professionals with high levels of leadership and professional expertise. They work closely with ECDA to drive quality improvements of the sector, develop sector-wide resources, inspire and contribute to the professional growth of the current and next generation of early childhood leaders.