Bilingual programme for Playgroup – Nurturing the curious learner

The Early Years bilingual programme aims to encourage children’s curiosity, discovery, imagination and creative expression. The curriculum is designed with the developmental milestones and characteristics of children of this age group in mind. Conducted by our very own Ascension Kindergarten Teachers, this program aims to provide learning experiences where your child will be engaged in the language arts experiences to nurture their visual reasoning skills that leads to confidence in their ability to articulate themselves.

Curriculum modules covered include:

Storybook Approach
(Mandarin & English)

Develops the child’s love for story, ownership of story language, nurtures their sense of wonderment, and widens their vocabulary as they engage in a wide variety of activities related to the story.


Finger Gym- Key to Learning
(Mandarin & English)

Using language and fine motor exercises, it is a comprehensive programme of developmental games, stories, rhymes and activities to improve fine motor skills, language and handwriting.

Finger Gym aims to develop strong, flexible fingers, hands and arms, promoting better hand-eye coordinations, differentiated movement and manual dexterity. Children’s use and understanding of spoken language is also enhanced through the rhymes and stories used.

Toddler Tinkertime

A specially developed music programme that develops emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication skills, creativity and productive imagination through body movement, gestures, facial expressions and music.


Artographics- Key to Learning

Cultivates the essential skills required both for writing and creative artistic expression. Develops ‘art vision’ and introduces different symbolic tools, composition, rhythm and colour.


Conducted weekly in Mandarin, children learn fundamental sport skills and participate in creative motor games, songs, rhymes, stories, bubble time and much more! With a strong focus on physical movements and social exploration, the programme aims to promote physical literacy and build self-confidence, so every kid can get in the game – and stay in the game!