30 years after I left Ascension Kindergarten, I stepped back into the school first with Su-Ann, and then Eu-Jin, with so many fond memories and a good dose of nostalgia. I was delighted to see a familiar face with Fang Lao Shi and utterly amazed when she recognised me! So many things are not quite the same – my uniform was different, our concert costumes were not so elaborate, we happily hung our own hand towels on pegs in the bathroom, and we didn’t have Sportball, or CIP or computers! But there is the same warm, cheerful ambience, a playground, water play stations, painting easels and lovely teachers – the stuff of so many happy memories and what I know will be a part of the wonderful experiences that Su-Ann and Eu-Jin will share.

Thank you Ascension for all the great times!

Mei (Class of 1981),
Mum of Su-Ann (Violet Class 2012) & Eu-Jin (Carnation Class 2012)


When I enrolled my eldest daughter in Ascension Kindergarten 5 years ago, I was indeed pleasantly surprised to find the same warm, familiar face behind the Principal’s desk, was even more surprised to find that Fang Lao Shi was still teaching in the school. I remember thinking to myself then that not much had changed, but I soon realised I was quite wrong! The school is now so different from the school I knew – my classes were held in the church hall and my classroom was the stage. We did have the annual concert even back then, but we performed on the stage in the church hall and I remember one of my dresses was sewn by Mum.

I know my children will take home very different memories with them from their time at Ascension, but I know they will be memories filled with joy and laughter. Thank you teachers for all your love, for making the learning journey so fun, exciting and enriching, and for being part of the memories.

Ching (1983 – 1984)
Mum of Hannah Lau (Ixora – 2011),
Emma Lau (Daffodil – 2012) and Sarah Lau (2013)


Mei & Ching

Whenever my cousins or sibling and I recall our time at Ascension, one of the things we never fail to bring up, was the long obstacle course-like playground that used to be outside the Church of the Ascension. Little did we know at that time, that this was a preparation of sorts for our years ahead. Obstacles may come in our way, but with determination, we could climb over them and continue on. This was when the kindergarten was still at its previous location just across from where it is now. The Village, as it is now affectionately known, was quite different then. But one thing that still remains, is the warmth and friendly smiles of the approachable teachers and teaching aides, some of whom are dedicatedly serving the Kindy still. Proverbs 22:6 reads: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. My spouse finds it odd that I seem to be able to recall many moments of my childhood, especially the time I spent in Kindergarten. I may not be too old now, but I believe the prayers and dedication of the teaching faculty have made a Godly impact on my life now. I feel such a sense of comfort still, when I see the same faces greeting my children as they walk through the gates and into the classrooms at the school. I am sure many parents agree, that since Nursery is the entry point for our children into the world of public education, a supportive and loving school environment helps ease the child into a routine of independence and being away from home. I found myself smiling lots when my son came home singing familiar Thanksgiving tunes before meal times as well as singing new worship songs throughout the day at home. I still remain in touch with a handful of classmates from my time there, and was surprised to find one of my former classmates, Ms Gina Lee, teaching my son in 2008 when he was in Nursery One. I thank God for His Love and many blessings He has showered upon the staff and its leadership and look forward to supporting the school in any little way I can.

Eunice Goh (1984 -1986)
Mummy to Jonathan Goh (Ixora – 2011),
Joyce Chessa Goh (Rose – 2012) &
James Goh (commencing kindy in 2014)


Eunice & Family