Kindergarten 1



At Show and tell, our children get to be the centre of attention and to speak in front of others. It helps our children  build confidence, respect others’ turn to talk, practice the skills of listening to others and to answer simple questions.

Garden And Nature Walks

The Ascension Kindergarten has an extensive garden located in our school grounds. Our students can enjoy nature right at their backyard. 

Our natural landscape has qualities to meet the children’s developmental needs. Time in the garden also allows for team building and interaction.

Chinese Sharing Room Activities


English Sharing Room Activities

Lessons at the Sharing Room include Numeracy, Language & Literacy, Discovery of the World, Thematic, Social & Emotional Development and Bible Stories. Concepts are shared and explored. Hands-on experiences are provided to make learning authentic and to engage children in purposeful play.

Directed Activities

Children are provided with Activity Sheets on Numeracy and Language and Literacy to enhance their understanding on concepts taught and to refine their fine motor skills.

Children also work in groups where opportunities abound for them to learn to get along and to share and care.


Sportball & Gymnastics

Movement activities are especially well-suited to helping children develop social skills. As children participate in group tasks that require movement, they learn that their efforts are critical to the success of the group. Coordinating the movements of the group in parachute play, for example, allows children to create a dome overhead and sit inside at the same time. Simple games like this for young children also require cooperation and positive social skills. At Ascension Kindergarten, we combine Sportball and Fundamental Gymnastics to provide a holistic motor development program.


Sportball offers a big variety of Multi-Sport and Sport-Specific weekly class programs designed to teach kids the gross motor skills they need to get in the game, including balance, stamina, strength, timing and coordination. Expert Coaches break down skills into kid-sized bites of fun in supportive, non-competitive settings that encourage teamwork. We aim to give kids the tools to get in the game and leave them with the desire to stay in the game.


Gym session is a time where our students acquire important gross motor skills such as balance, tumbling and other body coordination skills.


What could be more fun than to choose what to play with! Children are free to make a choice, play and learn!

Reading Centre 
Children get to master their reading skills with teacher’s guidance. They also have the choice of a quiet read or playing with Language and Literacy activities

Numeracy Centre
It beholds fun with numbers. Teacher guided or independently, the children get to explore numeracy concepts by playing with hands on activities.

Art Cente
Live with art fun, it helps to blossom the children’s creativity. Our little artists are blessed with the hands on experience of art work under the guidance of at teacher.

Discovery Centre
Explore, enquire and discover basic science concepts is the motto here.

Dramatic Centre
It provides scope for theme related role play and for Socializing with friends. Construction Centre, Sandplay, Playdough play are some of the other centres of attraction