Nursery 1


The N1 curriculum has a strong focus on the children’s self-help skills, physical and socio-emotional development. Our young ones are supported to learn and grow to their utmost potential with close guidance from our patient and loving teachers. Children have plenty of hands on opportunities in exploring the world through sensory art, Montessori materials and gym time!

Sensorial Art

Sensorial Art provides opportunities for our children to engage their senses while they create art pieces. Conducted in English, children explore elements of art with various kinds of mediums, tools and materials.


Artographics develops skills required for writing and creative expression through visual art. Conducted in Mandarin, our children have opportunities to develop the fine motor control and spatial awareness both tasks require. They learn that they can make marks on paper or manipulate plasticine to create visual models of aspects of the world, using a variety of media to create expressive images.

English Sharing

In our English Sharing, our children learn about the world around them through thematic lessons, Sensory Maths and music. Our children are taught phonics on a weekly basis and are also imparted with values through Moral Education and Bible stories.

Sensory Mathematics

Sensory Mathematics helps children to recognize and apply fundamental sensory standards of colour, shape and size. It enables them to begin to analyse objects and their relationships using culturally defined sensory norms. Concepts like systematizing and classification are taught through stories.

Chinese Sharing

In our Chinese Sharing, the beauty of the Chinese language comes alive through songs, stories and pictures. Our children learn that Chinese is not only just a language that we learn and speak, but also an important part of Singapore’s culture.

佳美音符 Jia Mei Yin Fu

Music comes naturally to children at Ascension! Jia Mei Yin Fu, conducted in Mandarin, gives children opportunities to explore the elements of music in a fun way. Listening, memory, imagination and creation are skills taught using a variety of resources like the parachute, rainbow band, body percussion and percussion instruments.

Learning Centres

Learning Centres are a great way for the children to take ownership of their learning through play and discovery. Concepts taught in class are extended at the different Learning Centres. Children are taught about self-regulation, and responsibility.


Pool time and water play has got  to  be   one of  our children’s favourite activities in school. With all sorts of different equipment, the children learn about measurement, science, and numeracy through experiments and hands-on experiences.


Sand Play provides children with a rich sensorial experience. Through sand play, the children utilise their creativity as they build castles, and other objects. Language, numeracy and science concepts are also integrated in our sand play.


A child’s natural instinct is to play. Our Playground is equipped with a variety of outdoor play equipment that not only allows for physical fun, but even imaginative play. Children learn about spatial awareness, the importance of safety rules and turn-taking while engaged in play.

Outdoor Soundscape

Outdoor Soundscape is where learning takes place outside the classroom. Its beautiful design allows opportunities for children to discover and learn. At our Outdoor Soundscape, you will find children playing with toys, car and blocks. Quiet activities like art and storytelling time, allows children to appreciate the outdoors.

Gym and Sportball

Sportball offers a big variety of Multi-Sport and Sport-Specific weekly class programs designed to teach kids the gross motor skills they need to get in the game, including balance, stamina, strength, timing and coordination. Expert Coaches break down skills into kid-sized bites of fun in supportive, non-competitive settings that encourage teamwork. We aim to give kids the tools to get in the game and leave them with the desire to stay in the game.