At Ascension Kindergarten, we believe in developing the child as a whole. We also believe that a strong partnership must exist between the parents and the school.

Only then are we able to bring out the best in a child. Through the years, we have seen the pride on the children’s faces when they know that their parents are involved in Ascension’s activities.

The “I Can Cook” programme for K2 children is one such example. Parent-volunteers help us to facilitate a simple but fun cooking session for the children.

Once a week, K1 and K2 would go to the library to borrow books. Our parents can come in to be the Librarian under the Library programme.

Our parents have also volunteered their precious time for other kindergarten events.  

Some came in and gave presentation about their profession, some presented on their culture during Heritage Week. During our bi-annual Open House in May, parent volunteers put their artistic talent to good use by helping to make props and decorate the hall and set up food and game stalls.

Parent volunteers come in to help with the games as well as preparation of refreshments during our bi-annual Fun & Fit Day.

For our existing parents, we urge you to take up this opportunity to be a parent-volunteer and be part of the Ascension Family. You would not only enrich your child’s learning environment but also be part of his/her memory of Ascension Kindergarten.

If you are keen to join the Ascension Kindergarten Parent Volunteer family, please contact our office @ 6382 1110 or